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Description of courses

Breathe Well Clinic courses are held on either Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings or Friday evenings.

The ‘standard’ course requires attendance at 3 sessions and the ‘shorter’ course requires attendance at 2 sessions. Each session consists of 2 modules.

The ‘shorter’ course is designed to facilitate individuals who would find it difficult, for whatever reason, to attend 3 sessions.

Morning sessions will commence at 9.30 am and finish at 11.45 am. Evening sessions will commence at 6.30 pm and finish at 8.45 pm. Each session will have a 15 minute break between its 2 modules.


Course content

The Buteyko Breathing Method will feature prominently throughout the courses. Participants will learn about the key importance of nose breathing and they will be taught a series of breathing exercises that they will initially practice during course sessions, under the supervision and guidance of the instructor. They will also be encouraged to practise individually prescribed exercises between sessions and on an ongoing basis after completion of the course. Participants will also be made aware of, and encouraged to, make some potentially beneficial lifestyle changes.

It’s common for those with respiratory symptoms such as rhinitis and sinusitis, often associated with asthma, to breathe through their mouths. Participants are taught how to clear their noses and instructed to breathe through their nose when undertaking the breathing exercises .The Buteyko breathing method empowers participants to help self-manage their breathing related condition. They are taught to normalise their breathing pattern at rest, and to control their breathing and limit hyperventilation when breathlessness occurs due to exertion, contact with asthma triggers or at the onset of an asthma attack.

Essentially, participants learn to change their breathing pattern with the aim of breathing less (in terms of volume). The method aims to restore the natural balance of breathing. Teaching participants how to breathe less, is facilitated by relaxation and improving control of the respiratory muscles, gradually increasing tolerance for the feeling of breathlessness, and by gaining an understanding of how external factors can affect breathing.

The challenge

The challenge for course participants will be to carry out the prescribed breathing exercises on a daily basis, in order to gain maximum benefit. In most cases, motivated and committed participants will see a benefit in the first one to three weeks. Once participants begin to experience benefit, it will be easier for them to establish a regular routine of exercises.

Between course sessions and after the course is completed, Alan will be available to provide support and encouragement, either by telephone or e-mail.


Upcoming courses

Courses are organised and held in response to demand. They will be held with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 (to ensure each participant can receive personal feedback in relation to performing the breathing exercises).



Courses will be held in Dublin and in the Bray/Greystones area.



The cost to attend a ‘standard’ course is 280 euro.

The cost to attend a ‘shorter’ course is 200 euro.

In each case, this will include: course notes, a copy of a Buteyko self help book, and provision of ongoing support by telephone or e-mail.


Children’s sessions

‘One to one’ sessions for mouth breathing children (who must be accompanied by an adult) will take place in Greystones, by appointment only.

Usually 2 or3 sessions of one hour each are required and the cost per session is 80 euro.

The adult who accompanies the child must be prepared to participate in the child’s learning process on an ongoing basis, until effective transfer of learning takes place i.e. the child routinely puts into practice what they’ve been taught.

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