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Dr. Alan G Ruth

BSc, CBiol, MA, PhD (Psych), MBA, FRSB, FRSPH, FBPI


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it interesting and informative. Originally from Belfast, I have spent the majority of my life living in Greystones, County Wicklow.

I worked in the pharmaceutical, surgical, medical devices and food supplements industries, both in Ireland and the UK for over forty years. During that time I had a variety of roles – pharmaceutical sales, surgical sales, medical devices sales, training, sales management, marketing management and general management.

I retired from industry at the ‘tender’ age of 50. From that time on, I immersed myself in the health and wellness field. I have completed numerous personal and professional development programmes and I’ve had numerous articles published in medical, nursing, psychiatry, pharmacy, and natural health publications and food supplement industry publications such as:

  • Modern Medicine: The Irish Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Irish Psychiatrist
  • Irish Medical News
  • Nursing in General Practice
  • Irish Pharmacist
  • Contentment (American Institute of Stress quarterly journal)
  • The Breathing Issue (Buteyko Professionals International)
  • Breath Notes (Buteyko Breathing Educators’ Association)
  • Network: Ireland’s Holistic Magazine
  • Natural Health (UK)
  • Positive Life
  • OHNAI (Occupational Health Nurses Association of Ireland) Newsletter
  • Health Food Business

My articles have focused on topics in behavioural medicine and health psychology and have included ones on breathing, breathing re-training, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, managing stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I was a regular contributor (of articles) to Contentment, a quarterly journal of the American Institute of Stress (AIS). For a period, I also regularly updated AIS members on the latest research relating to stress and anxiety. My recent publications in Contentment were:

‘Improve your work-life balance: A possible New Year’s resolution’ (December 2018)

‘Easing children’s back-to-school anxiety and stress: Tips for parents’ (Fall 2018, pp. 4-9)

‘Yogic breathing: Ancient and Modern’ (June 2018, pp. 4-9)

‘Relax your New Year’s resolutions’ (December 2017, pp. 3-6)

‘How techno-stressed are you?’ (September 2017, pp. 4-8)

‘Measuring stress: A review’ (June 2017, pp. 6-11)

You may access the above articles via the following link:


A few years ago I co-founded (with Patrick McKeown) Buteyko Professionals International (BPI) and for over 2 years, on a voluntary basis, I was BPI’s Chief Executive Officer. During that time, I grew BPI’s membership to the point where it had members in 53 countries. As CEO, one of my main areas of focus was the continuing professional development of Buteyko practitioners.

My behavioural medicine related qualifications are:

  • BSc in Psychology & Physiology (Queen’s University Belfast)¬
  • PhD in Psychology (supervisor – Prof. Owen Hargie, Ulster University)
  • CBiol (Chartered Biologist), Royal Society of Biology (UK)
  • Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method (Buteyko Clinic International)
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Institute of Counselling UK)
  • Diploma in Anxiety Management (UK College of Holistic Training)
  • Diploma in Stress Management (Oxford, Cambridge & RSA Examinations Board)
  • Diploma in Applied Mindfulness (UK College of Holistic Training)
  • Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness (Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy)
  • Graduate of the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Program (Palouse Mindfulness, USA)

My other qualifications are:

  • Master of Business Administration (academic prize winner), Henley Management College/Brunel University London
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing (University of Westminster)
  • Master of Arts in Marketing – academic prize winner, (supervisor – Prof. Jimmy Hill, Ulster University)
  • Certificate in the Design of Effective Training (University of Southern California)

My previous roles included general manager and managing director positions in American multinational healthcare companies. These companies’ products included prescription medicines, consumer health products, specialised surgical products, and medical devices. I was also CEO of a national health trade association and Vice-President/Director of a Brussels based European federation of national associations of food supplements companies.