Dr. Alan G. Ruth

BSc, MA, MBA, PhD (Psy), CBiol, FRSB, MSBM

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Welcome to Buteyko Breathing Clinic


Buteyko Breathing Clinic is operated by Dr. Alan Ruth who holds Buteyko Breathing courses in Dublin and County Wicklow.

Alan’s main interest is behavioural medicine, and in particular, changing unhealthy breathing behaviour to healthy breathing behaviour. Behavioral medicine focuses on how people’s thoughts and behavior affect their health. It is concerned with the integration of behavioural and medical knowledge in the prevention and treatment of disease with a strong focus on behavioural intervention methods.

Breathing is an extremely important behaviour. Life begins with a breath and ends with a breath. Although breathing continues on its own, usually without our awareness, it does not necessarily mean that it is always functioning for optimum physical and mental health. The opposite is often true.

We survive without food for weeks and without water for days. However, although it varies from person to person, on average, 3 minutes is the maximum time a human being can stay alive without breathing. On average a human being takes over 23,000 breaths a day. These facts says a lot about how important the behaviour of breathing is.

It has been estimated that less than 30% of people have physiologically normal breathing. They rarely know this because checking a person’s baseline breathing pattern when they are awake is not part of standard medical practice Therefore a core cause of many symptoms and illnesses is overlooked and consequently untreated.

Alan’s main interest is helping individuals to change abnormal unconscious breathing patterns that may be damaging their health. This is often called breathing re-training or breathing re-education. It is best known for the treatment of conditions such as asthma, COPD, anxiety, panic attacks, snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, chronic mouth breathing, hyperventilation, nasal problems, and fatigue. By improving the way we breathe we will oxygenate our body more effectively and more efficiently.

Alan is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Westminster, Ulster University, Brunel University London and Henley Management College. He also holds qualifications in a variety of disciplines relevant to behavioural medicine. These include psychology, physiology, stress and anxiety management, cognitive behavioural therapy, the Buteyko Breathing Method, mindfulness, and yoga.

During his career, Alan was elected either a Member or Fellow of many professional associations, including those listed below. His current professional affiliations are:

  • Member – UK Society for Behavioural Medicine
  • Fellow – Royal Society of Biology
  • Member – Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland
  • Member – Society for Health Psychology
  • Fellow – Buteyko Professionals International

His former professional affiliations included the following:

  • Fellow – American Institute of Stress
  • Member – The Physiological Society
  • Member – Association for Psychological Science



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